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Sit back, relax and turn off your mobile phone as QuizFortune’s Film Quizzes may be the closest you come to Hollywood.  An incredible selection of film quiz questions have been submitted for your viewing pleasure and will undoubtedly satisfy your quiz cravings. Whether you’re particularly horrified by horrors, thrilled by thrillers or animated by animation, QuizFortune's film trivia can be certified U. Choose from our ever-growing selection of movie trivia and enjoy a film quiz today!


Name the Movie Quiz Oscars Quiz James Bond Quiz 

Christmas Movies Quiz Christmas Movies Quiz 2 Horror Movies Quiz Tim Burton Quiz

Movie Connections Quiz Disaster Movies Quiz Film Quotes Quiz Tom Cruise Quiz

The Hobbit Quiz Lord of the Rings Quiz Action Heroes Quiz  Cult Movies Quiz 

Singers in the Movies Quiz Cold War Film Quiz Ryan Gosling Quiz

US Presidents on Film Quiz Batman Film Quiz Disney Songs Quiz Hitchcock Movies Quiz

 Film Animation Quiz Movie One-Liners Quiz Complete the Movie Title Quiz

Blockbuster Movies Quiz Star Wars Quiz Film of the Book Classic Disney Quiz

Movie Remakes Quiz Leading Men Quiz Jack Nicholson Quiz Pixar Quiz Spielberg Quiz

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Proud of your square eyes? Put your knowledge of TV to the test with QuizFortune's tantalizing TV trivia. Whatever your age or genre of expertise, there is a TV quiz for you to pause on.   Maybe you consider yourself a friend of “Friends” and want to try out some Friends trivia or perhaps you regard yourself as a “Buffy buff” and want to try your hand at slaying a Buffy the Vampire Slayer quiz. Prove that you’re no idiot of the idiot box and choose from QuizFortune's TV quizzes today!


US TV Quiz British Comedy Quiz 90's TV Quiz 90's British TV Comedy Quiz

90's US TV Comedy Quiz  Simpsons Quiz Noughties US TV Comedy Quiz Friends Quiz

 Friends Quiz 2 Noughties British TV Comedy Quiz Father Ted Quiz

British Game Shows Quiz Dallas Quiz I'm Alan Partridge Quiz Dad's Army Quiz

Only Fools and Horses Quiz Only Fools and Horses Quiz 2 Only Fools and Horses Quiz 3

Coronation Street Quiz TV Animated Animals Quiz Reality TV Quiz David Jason Quiz

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz British TV Catchphrases Quiz Life on Mars Quiz

The Big Bang Theory Quiz The Big Bang Theory Quiz 2 The Big Bang Theory Quotes Quiz

The Office UK Quiz  X Factor Quiz

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Geography games galore! Travel around the world with QuizFortune's selection of geography quizzes. No packing necessary - with the exception, of course, of all your geography knowledge. Our geography trivia spans far and wide and there is an ideal location out there waiting for you.  Whether you wish to stay local and test your knowledge of UK geography, surf our US quizzes or “find yourself” with the aid of some Asia trivia, QuizFortune will take you places. Choose and play your geography quiz today!


Capital Cities Quiz World Cities Quiz Weather Quiz Travel Quiz Size Matters Quiz

Landlocked Countries Quiz US Cities Quiz Landmark Bridges Quiz Place Nicknames Quiz

Flags of the World Quiz Flags of the World Quiz 2 Flags of the World Quiz 3

Bordering Countries Quiz Lakes and Countries Quiz Tourist Attractions Quiz

Towns and Cities Quiz Former Place Names Quiz Overseas Quiz US Cities Quiz 2

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Who said history is in the past? QuizFortune brings history into the 21st century with fun history quizzes relating to all generations for all generations. Whether you wish to travel through time with aviation trivia, delve into the dark ages with a medieval quiz, or combat your knowledge of famous battles, Quizfortune makes history exciting. If, on the other hand, you’d like to keep your history ancient - perfect, try out our ancient history trivia. Choose and play a history quiz today!


Historical Figures Quiz Historical Figures Quiz 2  World War II Quiz

Dictators Quiz Exploration Quiz 20th Century Incidents Quiz US Presidents Quiz

Age of Discovery Quiz Which Century Quiz Nobel Prizes Quiz Military Manoeuvers Quiz

British Monarchy Quiz

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From poetry to prose, QuizFortune has the perfect selection of literature trivia to meet all your literary needs. Perhaps you’re a poet and you already know it? Or maybe you prefer your spells to your rhymes and want to have a wiz at a Harry Potter quiz. Whether you like your literature “thou, thee, thy” or a little more sci-fi, QuizFortune has an online literature quiz written especially for you. Choose from our selection of trivia and get lost in literature with QuizFortune!


Crime Fiction Quiz 20th Century Literature Quiz Harry Potter Quiz

Shakespearean Couples Quiz Name the Author Quiz Charles Dickens Quiz

Read Across America Quiz Irish Writers Quiz Tin Tin Quiz Banned Books Quiz

Children's Books Quiz Poets and Poems Quiz Best-Sellers Quiz

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Sport & Leisure

Enjoy sport without the physical exertion at QuizFortune. We offer an array of sports quizzes for all those who would rather bench warm than get down and dirty. If you believe there is no ‘I’ in team then who not try tackling our football and rugby quizzes; or if you’d rather not share the limelight then our tennis trivia might just be ace for you. And if all that sounds positively exhausting we have a Board Games Quiz you might enjoy! Put your best foot forward and play a sport quiz today!


Olympics Quiz World Cup Quiz Sporting Heroes Quiz Premiership Football Quiz   

Rugby Union Quiz Chelsea FC Quiz  Liverpool FC Quiz Manchester United Quiz

Arsenal FC Quiz FA Cup History Quiz Boxing Quiz Formula 1 Quiz

Board Games Quiz Tottenham Hotspur FC Quiz Horseracing Quiz Tennis Quiz

Six Nations Rubgy Quiz 2010 World Cup Finals Quiz World Cricket Quiz NFL Quiz

NHL Quiz Celtic FC Quiz Rangers FC Quiz Leeds United FC Quiz Euro 96 Quiz

Football Legends Quiz Football Legends Quiz 2 1966 World Cup Quiz

Football Transfers Quiz Sporting Nicknames Quiz Football Team Nicknames Quiz

The Grand National Quiz Hobbies and Leisure Quiz US Masters Quiz French Open Quiz

Football Stadiums Quiz The US Open Quiz Wimbledon Quiz Australian Open Quiz

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The Arts

Do you consider your tastes slightly more refined than your average Joe's? Then put your “Monet” where your mouth is and enjoy our selection of art quizzes. Full of art trivia from the past and present, whether your forté is ballet, painting or sculptures, QuizFortune has an art quiz to inspire you. Choose and play an art quiz today!


Musicals Quiz Paintings and Painters Quiz Art and Architecture Quiz

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Food & Drink

Test your food and drink knowledge with QuizFortune's food and drink quizzes. Think you know your drinks? Good with food? QuizFortune's food and drink trivia will certainly whet your appetite. Our foodie quizzes are the ultimate trivia game for those of you who consider yourselves somewhat of a gastronomical genius, or just a lover of palatable fayre. Choose and play a fun food and drink quiz today!


Cocktail Hour Quiz Drinks Quiz Food Origins Quiz 

Wines of the World Quiz Ingredients Quiz

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Science and Nature

Einstein your idol? Hawking your hero? Experiment with your knowledge of Science and the Natural World in QuizFortune's selection of Science and Nature Quizzes. Whether you prefer biology, chemistry or physics, our science trivia and you will create the perfect chemical reaction. Alternatively, if you prefer the outdoors to the lab, our Natural World Quizzes should be second nature to you.

Pitch yourself against others in our Science and Nature Quizzes to see who is top of the animal kingdom!


The Human Body Quiz Baby Animals Quiz Animal Names Quiz Quick Chemistry Quiz

Technology & Industry Quiz Out of This World Quiz World of Plants Quiz 

Famous Scientists Quiz Maths and Numeracy Quiz Medical Conditions Quiz

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Culture & Politics

Considered cultured? Politically proficient? Consolidate your knowledge of culture and politics and choose from QuizFortune's selection of culture and politics quizzes. From astrology and mythology to presidents and prime ministers, there's no debate, QuizFortune has the ultimate selection of culture and politics trivia. Will your seat be safe or will it be a step down for your side?


US Presidents Quiz Mythology Quiz Dictators Quiz US Presidency Quiz Nobel Prizes Quiz

Margaret Thatcher Quiz International Women's Day Quiz St.Patrick's Day Quiz

World Languages Proverbs & Sayings Quiz

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Pop Culture

Are you top of the pops?  Challenge your knowledge of all things popular in QuizFortune's Pop Culture Quizzes.  With questions taken from a variety of mainstream topics such as music, film and fashion, QuizFortune's pop culture trivia ensures you're clued in on the latest trends. Separate yourself from the masses and ace a pop culture quiz today!


Celebrity Big Brother Quiz Simon Pegg Quiz Artificial Intelligence Quiz

Goodies and Baddies Quiz Famous Quotes Quiz Loves Quotes Quiz Batman Quiz

 Celebrity Trivia Quiz Showbiz Families Quiz X Factor Quiz

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From the classics to the current; the girl-groups to the boy-bands; the number ones to the novelties, QuizFortune's selection of music quizzes provide the ultimate music challenge.  Our fun music quizzes span the years and genres in order to create the perfect compilation of music trivia just for you. Whether you're a sixties' swinger or a noughties' know-it-all, we have a quiz that will be music to your ears. Choose from our selection of music trivia and enjoy your music quiz today!


60's Music Quiz 70's Music Quiz 80's Music Quiz 90's Music Quiz

Britpop Quiz Britpop Quiz 2 2 Tone Quiz Madness Quiz Mod Revival Quiz

Rihanna Quiz Girl Groups Quiz Rod Stewart Quiz Michael Jackson Quiz

British Heavy Metal Quiz  Iron Maiden Quiz Calendar Songs Quiz Pop Divas Quiz

60's Girl Power Quiz 80's New Romantics Quiz David Bowie Quiz 

70's Disco Quiz Noughties Pop Quiz Queen Quiz 80's Chart Toppers Quiz

Simon and Garfunkel Quiz The Rolling Stones Quiz The Beatles Quiz

Glamrock Quiz Original Band Names Quiz New Wave Music Quiz

The Jam Quiz The Stone Roses Quiz Christmas Music Quiz Music Duets Quiz

Britney Spears Quiz Madonna Quiz Album Covers Quiz The Beach Boys Quiz

Sixties Rock Quiz Elvis Quiz

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Considered religious or just well versed in the Bible? QuizFortune's Religion Quizzes may just be the thing you've been praying for.  From the Books of the Bible to famous saints and religious festivals, how well do you know all things religion? Our selection of religious trivia ensures you're one step closer to Heaven. Play now or forever hold your peace.


Biblical Characters Quiz Saints and Scholars Quiz

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General Knowledge

QuizFortune's General Knowledge Quizzes: for the many-side quizzers out there. Full of fun trivia from a variety of topics, our general knowledge quizzes are perfect for those of you who know and like a little bit of everything. From science and sport trivia to music and movie questions, these General Knowledge Quizzes will truly put your knowledge to the test. Play now and wow us with your know-how!


Brain Power Quiz Christmas Quiz New Year Quiz Words and Meanings Quiz

Daily Examiner Quiz Numbers Game Quiz Just William Quiz Currency Quiz

Age of Discovery Quiz Famous Firsts Quiz Out of This World Quiz Travel Quiz

Famous Swedes Quiz Valentine's Day Quiz Mother's Day Quiz St.Patrick's Day Quiz

Technology and Industry Quiz Which Year Quiz Kids Play Quiz Gardeners' World Quiz

Halloween Quiz

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