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Sit back, relax and turn off your mobile phone as QuizFortune’s Film Quizzes may be the closest you come to Hollywood.  An incredible selection of film quiz questions have been submitted for your viewing pleasure and will undoubtedly satisfy your quiz cravings. Whether you’re particularly horrified by horrors, thrilled by thrillers or animated by animation, QuizFortune's film trivia can be certified U. Choose from our ever-growing selection of movie trivia and enjoy a film quiz today!


Name the Movie Quiz Oscars Quiz James Bond Quiz 

Christmas Movies Quiz Christmas Movies Quiz 2 Horror Movies Quiz Tim Burton Quiz

Movie Connections Quiz Disaster Movies Quiz Film Quotes Quiz Tom Cruise Quiz

The Hobbit Quiz Lord of the Rings Quiz Action Heroes Quiz  Cult Movies Quiz 

Singers in the Movies Quiz Cold War Film Quiz Ryan Gosling Quiz

US Presidents on Film Quiz Batman Film Quiz Disney Songs Quiz Hitchcock Movies Quiz

 Film Animation Quiz Movie One-Liners Quiz Complete the Movie Title Quiz

Blockbuster Movies Quiz Star Wars Quiz Film of the Book Classic Disney Quiz

Movie Remakes Quiz Leading Men Quiz Jack Nicholson Quiz Pixar Quiz Spielberg Quiz

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