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Geography games galore! Travel around the world with QuizFortune's selection of geography quizzes. No packing necessary - with the exception, of course, of all your geography knowledge. Our geography trivia spans far and wide and there is an ideal location out there waiting for you.  Whether you wish to stay local and test your knowledge of UK geography, surf our US quizzes or “find yourself” with the aid of some Asia trivia, QuizFortune will take you places. Choose and play your geography quiz today!


Capital Cities Quiz World Cities Quiz Weather Quiz Travel Quiz Size Matters Quiz

Landlocked Countries Quiz US Cities Quiz Landmark Bridges Quiz Place Nicknames Quiz

Flags of the World Quiz Flags of the World Quiz 2 Flags of the World Quiz 3

Bordering Countries Quiz Lakes and Countries Quiz Tourist Attractions Quiz

Towns and Cities Quiz Former Place Names Quiz Overseas Quiz US Cities Quiz 2

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