The core of Quizfortune is the world’s first Trivia Gamification Platform powering social gaming and mobile entertainment.


Content is King! Born out of one man’s passion and 30 years of Trivia Question Content Writing. We’ve brought a myriad of content into the 21st Century and put the quiz in the palm of your hand!

Built for Speed. Now you can experience and tap into a platform of content in the sky. Rapidly deploy engaging trivia content into your Apps.

Growing Daily. Join our growing team of in-country trivia authors! Passionate about trivia? Want to show your expertise? Why not sign up as a QF question master? Click to find out how!

Now you’re being clever...

With direct access to our SDK’s, open API’s and support from our integration team, Partners gain instant easy access to a vast array of engaging games and in-depth trivia content. Develop highly engaging, rapidly deployable mobile social apps that deliver a rich interactive customer experience. Simply select your game format, assemble your content pack, deploy on the devices, monitor and measure the interest, interaction and traction gained with your target audience.


The Intelligent Platform

QuizFortune has developed a suite of web, mobile and tablet applications that can be easily rebranded and rapidly deployed by partners. A comprehensive toolkit of HTML5 widgets and simple REST Application Programming Interfaces enable 3rd party developers to combine leading edge mobile technology with in-depth trivia content. The QuizFortune platform is the optimal trivia content delivery system for the global social entertainment market.

The platform was purpose built to enable the ‘in-country’ creation, management and distribution of trivia content through a diverse range of engaging trivia applications. The platform captures valuable insights on trivia content popularity, user engagement  and dwell time. By serving millions of questions through a variety of quiz formats our early BETA programs provided valuable insights that have been used to optimise the platform. The result is a scalable cloud platform built on an open standard architecture that is robust, flexible and capable of delivering world class trivia solutions for our partners.